James Franco discusses pain of making 127 Hours

james franco

James Franco isn’t only hosting this year’s Oscars (alongside Anne Hathaway), he’s also earned himself an Academy nomination for his role in arm-sawing drama 127 Hours.

While attending the Awards Luncheon on Monday, the actor spoke to Pop Sugar about the physical stress that he underwent for the part.

“There was a lot of physical pain, and [ director ] Danny [ Boyle ] knew that it was going to cause a lot of pain,” he revealed. “And I asked him after we did the movie, 'How did you know how far you could push it?'

“I had bruises, scars... and there were some shots of my bare arm, and it looked like track marks, and that was the Trainspotting Boyle, [ he ] got me hooked on heroin or something.

"So I had plenty of scars. And Danny said he looks at the actor, and that the actor will say when it's too far.”

The actor went on to reveal that while shooting he also got “exhausted; it became less of a façade I put on and more of an experience that I went through”.

Franco will co-host the 83rd Academy Awards on 27 February.

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