iPhone game of the day: Gas Knight

Game: Gas Knight
Price: Free at press knight
Size: 21.0B
Buy it now from the iTunes Store:US/UK

Okay, this one is going to be a hard sell. At its core, Gas Knight is a one-note joke, and the joke itself isn't all that funny. A knight farting endlessly isn't really the grounds for great contemporary comedy, and yet Gas Knight is still strangely endearing and quite fun to play. Seriously.

Gas Knight charges players with the task of keeping a brave little knight airborn via the power of his own rectal gas. Simply touching the screen will unleash a knightly parping that will propel our intrepid hero higher in the air.

Points are earned amount of distance covered, by aiming a fart on certain rocks' weak points, and by killing bats. Bats are automatically slashed at by the knight if approached head on, and it's pretty cool to keep his farts coming with just the right amount of timing in order to slash all the bats and rack up some combos. What a ridiculous sentence that was.

The game would be worth about a buck, but it's currently free for a limited period of time, and has been for a while, so it's definitely worth snapping up for the juicy price of bugger-all. Send it to Roger Ebert as proof that games are art!

Sep 15, 2010