iPhone Game of the Day: Chop Chop Ninja – retro fun never goes out of style

Game: Chop Chop Ninja
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Size: 41.8 MB
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The way of the ninja is often filled with deadly spikes, sword wielding samurai, and dangerous wizardry. But love is a potent magic of its own sort. When a nefarious wizard turns the emperor’s daughter (and your romantic interest) into an emerald statue, it’s time to walk the path of vengeance and summon rivers of blood spewed forth from your enemies’ insides. Or at least that’s what you’d expect, right? No, the path ahead is more like a glorified grocery run, as you hunt down the ingredients needed to save your beloved. However, you do get to drop kick a giant demonic scorpion in the face, which is pretty rad…

Thanks to the sage advice offered up from a rather inept advisor, gathering the key items and ingredients required to return your royal gal back to non-stone form is no easy task. You must battle your way across distant land, scale mountainous cliffs, and clobber some grisly foes to find what you’re looking for. This involves a lot of brawling, which, in turn, requires a ton of rapid poking. Tapping the screen compels your little ninja dude to do everything from punching and kicking to leaping and diving. Everything is pretty context sensitive, so even when the action gets a little chaotic, you can usually persevere with some quick finger-fu aimed in the right direction.

Successfully pummeling pudgy warriors and hopping through some tricky turf takes more than fast digits. Handy items enable you to double jump, fly around with a giant firecracker strapped to your back, and deliver fatal blows with a sweet katana blade. If that’s not enough for you, there are also hidden masks to hunt down and collect, but you’ll need to do finger exercises before-hand if you hope to nab them all. Happy chopping, and may fortune smile upon you.

Feb 15, 2011