inXile: We'd love to bring Hei$t to Wii

Nintendo's Wii could be experiencing a new dose of cops and robbers action if inXile has its way.

The developer's currently working on Hei$t for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and has signed up Epic's Unreal tech for engine duties, technology that currently doesn't support Wii - but it's not putting inXile off.

"Did we say we aren't bringing Hei$t to the Wii?" Senior Game Designer Sean Patton told us when we asked how come there's no Wii version of the game.

"We are using the Unreal Engine, which currently doesn't have support for the Wii. As a platform though, we love it and if possible would love to get our game running on Nintendo's platform," Patton said in an interview.

In Hei$t you play a ring leader of a crew robbing banks, pulling jobs getting caught up in high-speed car chases with cops and shoot-outs in 1969 San Francisco.

July 18, 2007