Invasion 1.18 Re-evolution review

The One Where: Russell explores the island.

AIR-DATE: 19/04/06

Written by:
Julie Siege and Charlie Craig

Eric Laneuville

James Frain, Brandon Keener, Sean Blakemore and Ivar Brogger

Rating: 3.5/5

Larkin chances upon an AWOL pilot before he's recaptured by the military. Turns out he was on board a weather plane that went missing during the hurricane. Tom finds out that all the people on that plane are being experimented on by the military, who certainly know about the hybrids and tell Tom they know about him too.

Meanwhile, Russell and Dave are exploring the island. They bump into Father Scanlon there (who we haven't seen for ages) and tell him they think he may be the next evolutionary stage for mankind (personally, I'd love it if I was told that about myself). Because of the murders, Russell calls the coastguard, but he turns up with Szura, so nothing's gonna happen there, is it?

At school, Jesse's having a hard time with the hybrids, which is increasingly turning him against Mariel. "You're not even my mother," he yells at her in his usual sulky, deep voiced way. "Your husband killed you."

Larkin finds him drunk and shooting at pictures of his family. Teenagers, eh?

Thank God we're now rid of that tedious Derek and Christina plot. Interesting that Cassidy has in some way bowed to the inevitable and imposed this normal/hybrid concept onto the high school, which is just a classic teenage metaphor. It does, however, mean that Jesse gets to mope about even more. Stop mumbling, you teenage grump, and stand up straight! Bloody youth of today...

Jesse: "You can have the beer. The gun's mine."

Steve O'Brien

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