Being the bad guy is always fun - and that's the biggest pull for Infernal, a third-person shooter being readied for release in Europe this winter. We think this game has a good chance of crossing the pond, so we wanted to share our early hands-on impressions.

Your character, formerly a good guy, has made a pact with the Lord of Darkness and is using his ill-gained powers to take on... well, pretty much everybody. The early version we played is almost complete and the graphics certainly look finished. There's a lot going on technically, although nothing particularly stands out as being special.

Of course, we were more interested in the gameplay and, although everything here seems solid enough, you'll still be shooting a flow of bad guys who run in to your gun-sights and opening doors with keypads. Fortunately, there are some neat ideas, such as using mana (read 'devil-power') to pimp your weapons, demon-style.

Although the promised flamethrower, plasma gun and shurikens weren't present in this version, the teleportation ability was - and looks great. Teleport behind a guard, kill him silently and return... and no one's any the wiser. The environment will also affect your powers; explore a churchyard and your evil powers are depleted. Just like in real life, then.