If Blu-ray wins, Xbox 360 will have it

The Blu-ray versus HD DVD battle is in full flow and Microsoft has said that whatever format wins the war, it will support it.

An article on the BBC website about the looming PS3 launch included a few choice quotes from Neil Thompson, head of Xbox in the UK. "The Xbox 360 offers a better gaming experience than PS3 for £150 less," he said (It's a $200 difference in the US, of course). "The only debate is if you want to watch Blu-ray movies and pay the extra money for that feature. We prefer to offer the consumer choice."

Above: Will this drive one day play both HD DVD and Blu-ray?

Thompson isn't concerned about which format will or won't come out on top a few years down the line, adding, "Whatever format wins it is highly likely we will offer a solution."

Check out the articlehere.

March 22, 2007