Iconic Legion of Super-Heroes artist Steve Lightle dies at age 61

Legion of Super-Heroes
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Comic artist Steve Lightle has died at the age of 61 due to cardiac arrest stemming from a COVID-19 diagnosis, according to a Facebook post from his wife, Marianne.

Steve Lightle

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Lightle was a lifelong resident of Kansas, and made his comic debut with a story in 1984's Black Diamond #4 from AC Comics. He quickly segued to a career at DC, beginning with a 10-page story in New Talent Showcase #4 and then took over as series artist of Legion of Super-Heroes. Over the course of two years, Lightle drew numerous issues including the memorable death of Karate Kid.

"One of the great strengths of the Legion is its diversity. In fact, I hold the distinction of having suggested the first non-humanoid Legionnaires in the long history of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Tellus and Quislet were the first nonhuman members of the Legion, and I'm very happy that Paul Levitz and I broke that barrier by creating them," Lightle told CBR in 2002. 

(Image credit: Steve Lightle (DC))

"I think that the series has always been blessed with a very diverse readership; due in large part to the message of acceptance that people understand is an integral part of the Legion."

In 1987, Lightle relaunched DC's Doom Patrol series with Paul Kupperberg. After five issues on that title, the artist segued to primarily being a cover artist, only occasionally drawing guest issues and short stories such as in Marvel Comics Presents.

In 2001, Lightle launched his own company, Lunatik Press. Through that, he self-published his own comic books and sold original art.

"Seriously, as a comic creator, whether I'm writing or drawing a story, I always try to find the thing within it that makes it special for me," said Lightly in 2002. "I try to give my all to each assignment that I take on."

Lightle is survived by his wife, Marianne, and their children.

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