I Am Legend opening scene online

We know Hollywood likes trends – asteroids, volcanoes, Truman Capote, to name but a few – but this is getting ridiculous.

Like a pack of teenage girls jumping on the latest fashion bandwagon, the studios are now falling over themselves to shove small, tantaslising chunks of their films onto the mighty information superbuslane.

So far, just this week, we’ve seen bits of Aliens Vs Predator and Sweeney Todd’s opening credits and now Warners would very much like to show us Mr Will Smith as he motors faster in New York than anyone has driven there for years. Yes, the only real way to cure traffic congestion is to wipe out most of the human race... Let’s hope Ken Livingstone doesn’t get any ideas.

It’s one of the opening scenes of the movie, so if you really can’t wait to see it (it arrives on our shores this boxing day), check out the scene here .

Source: ( Yahoo )