Huxley: back in our sights

Sept 04 2007

The renewed seep of info surrounding Korean MMOFPS Huxley continues, with thelatest screens showcasing the two factions gamers can run and gun with; the standard marine cut-out Sapiens and the technology reliant The Alternatives.

Above: Hybrid monsters attack in packs - lone rangers like this are screwed

Hopefully all those flashing lights will do more than simply beckon Hybrid monsters to their white hot screaming death. Because truth is, although Huxley is still penned in for a 2007 release, we still haven't had any hands on time to see how this brave new world is really shaping up.

The Unreal 3 engine certainly makes Huxley look the part, but whether it will manage the smooth 100 vs. 100 team frag fests promised is yet to be seen.