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How fast can you die in... Hitman Absolution

First we showed you how long it takes to find a fail screen in Assassin's Creed III (opens in new tab). Turns out it was a looong time, over 20 minutes in fact. So let's see if Hitman: Absolution (opens in new tab) can do any better. Once we've got a few more entries, we'll start a league table. But let's see if Agent 47 will be leading it. And whether he gets twung into a tree at any point in the video.

Just to be clear on the rules, we're judging this from the moment we press the button that starts the game itself, so that's after the usual storage device selection, etc. But hey - perhaps you can do better? Let us know if you can kill Agent 47 any quicker in the comments. And no, turning off the machine doesn't count, smartypants.

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