How Epic Mickey made Small World scary

What%26rsquo;s got a hub town, a shitload of cartoon characters and multiple gateways to different worlds? Disneyland, yo! But if you%26rsquo;ve never been able to afford an entrance to The Happiest Place on Earth (let alone the airfare to Southern California) then you%26rsquo;ll be happy to know the park has been recreated and made playable in Disney%26rsquo;s Epic Mickey. Well%26hellip; a much more warped and dangerous version anyway.

Recently I had the pleasure of strolling around Disneyland and listening to Warren Spector talk about the park%26rsquo;s inspiration behind the game, and I thought his take on the notorious %26ldquo;It%26rsquo;s a Small World%26rdquo; attraction was interesting enough to show you guys in our brand spankin%26rsquo; new video player:

Nov 24, 2010