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This Horizon: Zero Dawn Aloy cosplay guide is pre-historic, post-apocalyptic fashion

Aloy is dressed well for the post-post apocalypse, even if zippers are a little hard to come by in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Guerrilla Games has prepared an official guide for cosplayers who want to replicate Aloy unique pre-historic-with-robot-bits-attached look, but it also provides some interesting insight into the character even if you wouldn't trust yourself anywhere near a sewing needle.

For instance, Aloy's culture doesn't have the tools necessary to work metal - heck, it hasn't even figured out buttons yet. She pulled the little bits of metal you see on her bracers and kneepad off machines and stitched them onto the hide and leather that composes the rest of her outfit. And one of her necklaces is just a coated copper cable, connectors and all. Here's the guide in PDF form if you want to keep it for future reference.

Crafting is always a means to an end in Horizon: Zero Dawn - she's basically Ellen Ripley meets Ygritte, which doesn't leave much time for arts and crafts. But it's cool to see how Aloy's personality and background shine through in her hand-made gear.

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