Holy crap, Hitman's levels look huge in this new trailer

If you're a longtime player of IO Interactive's Hitman games, you know that the real star of the series isn't bald-headed assassin Agent 47, but the levels through which he travels, hunting down his marks. In that sense at least, it looks like the new 2016 Hitman will satisfy. Check out the new trailer, which shows off the large scale and subtle detail of 47's new hunting grounds:

Missions like "You'd Better Watch Out" and "A New Life" from Hitman: Blood Money are particularly memorable for me, as I loved dressing 47 up as Santa or a clown, respectively, and just fussing about the environment. Hopefully this new Hitman will love up to that legacy.

We'll find out in a little over a week, when the now-episodic take on stealth and assassination has its season premiere on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Sam Prell

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