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Hitman episode 2 trailer takes you on a tour of scenic, secretive Sapienza

The most recent entry in the Hitman franchise (appropriately dubbed "Hitman (opens in new tab)") will get its next injection of content on April 26, when the Sapienza map becomes available to download. Sapienza is a fictional villa on the coast of Italy, with beautiful beaches, awe-inspiring architecture, and of course, a bio-weapons lab. Naturally.

I guess I'm glad that Sapienza isn't a real place. I'd rather not find out what the bad guys are cooking down there in their very, very evil-looking lair. The trailer presents a much more serious tone than a game featuring a vampire magician costume might make you expect, so I hope there'll still be room for silly outfits and dark humor.

Since the new Hitman game is episodic, you can gain entry to Sapienza by purchasing the complete Hitman experience for $60/£45 or buying the map as a standalone chunk of content for $10/£8.

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