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Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of Fate review

The sound of something fatefully ho-hum banging


  • Creature caravans
  • The random map generator
  • Surly rune-slinging dwarves


  • Three brain-tranquilizing campaigns
  • Lingering bugs
  • Paying for the random map generator

Somewhere along the way it seems Russian development team Nival Interactive got its signals crossed. What we wanted after the promising mess that was Heroes of Might and Magic V were fixes, and after the fixes, an expansion with a campaign worth playing. Not just a hodgepodge of features that frankly should have been in the original or dished up alongside the patches.

More Info

DescriptionToo much filler and too many features they should have included the first go-round make this expansion dullsville with bells on.
Franchise nameHeroes of Might and Magic
UK franchise nameHeroes of Might and Magic