Here’s why Dead Rising 4’s dropping the timer system

I’ve always struggled with the Dead Rising series: love smashing zombies, hate missing missions because I was a couple of minutes late. Which means I’m massively up for a timer free Dead Rising 4

Speaking to GamesMaster, executive producer Bryce Cochrane explains why number 4 is shedding its time constraints. It’s basically so everyone can have fun, “and not have to worry about a timer. If you wanna go kill zombies, you can. If you want to follow the campaign, you can do that as well”.

There are still clocks in use for the multiplayer, and Bryce makes it clear “we love the timer based system”. However, for the main game he wants people to enjoy themselves without any pressure. “For our main campaign we really felt we wanted people to explore our world, and be able to go everywhere they want to go. We don't want them to feel like they're under the gun, to find what they need to find, or get where they need to get”.

Considering Bryce has also talked about doubling Dead Rising 4’s zombie count and adding new dismemberment tech I’m definitely glad I get enjoy all that without watching the clock anymore.  

You can read more about Dead Rising 4 in next month's issue of GamesMaster.

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