Here's everything in next week's Halo 5 update

Halo's free content updates are rolling on, with the latest pack, Cartographer's Gift, arriving next week. It's a pretty packed offering.

The headline is, of course, the addition of the much-loved Forge mode, including over 1700 objects for you to craft lovingly into maps that will discard in disgust as soon as you see what internet-geniuses have made.

Alongside that, we have four new maps (including a new, massive Warzone offering), the addition of the SPNKr rocket launcher, and if not a crap-tonne, then a crap-kilo of new REQs - including gold weapon skins (for if you are Donald Trump or something). You can see all of that in the chart below.

That comes alongside general tweaks, a reduction in size of the Free-For-All mode from 8 players to 6, and the addition of Seasons, a timed ranking not unlike Hearthstone's monthly rank resets (complete with special emblems for those who take part in a Season).

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