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Here and Now Indie: Mighty Jill Off

Cost: FREE
Download here

How far would you go to please your queen? That’s the question posed by the retro-fashioned Mighty Jill Off, which tells the tale of a high-jumping, rubber-clad S&M heroine. After a boot-licking fiasco, Jill (who you might recognize from her Super Meat Boy cameo) is punted down a giant tower, and must slowly make her way past spikes, spiders, and blocky flames to her domineering queen’s loving arms.

The gameplay lampoons Mighty Bomb Jack, a simplistic but challenging NES game. The only tools Jill has at her disposal are an incredibly high leap and a cape-powered glide, but you’ll be forced to use these abilities in new ways as you scale the pixelated spire. If you ascend the tower in under 12 minutes, you’ll get a special surprise: an even more grueling tower to climb. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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