Hearthstone rolling out on Android tablets worldwide

The long wait for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft to appear on Android tablets is finally over… if you live in Canada. Blizzard's free-to-play card game released on its third platform this week after cleaning up on PC and iPad earlier this year.

Much as it did with its iPad release, Blizzard is gradually rolling out Hearthstone's Android tablet version around the world, starting with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It will be distributed in more regions (also on the Amazon App Store) as conditions merit over 'the days ahead'. Android phone and iPhone releases are still in the works.

Users log in to the same Battle.net account and compete with the same pool of opponents from across the internet regardless of their device. That said, if you're comfortable just playing on PC or iPad, you still may want to borrow your buddy's Nexus 9 real quick - players who start a game on an Android tablet for the first time will receive a free classic card pack for their trouble. Just make sure you check this compatibility page to see if your tablet can run the game before you get your hopes up.

If you haven't yet played Hearthstone (you really should, it was in our Game of the Year top 10), now's the perfect time to start: anyone who logs in by December 19 will receive three free booster packs from the game's new Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion.

Connor Sheridan

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