This Halo 5 Warzone map is inspired by Silent Cartographer

The latest Warzone map for Halo 5: Guardians is inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved's revered Silent Cartographer level, and you can take a good, long look at it… in Mega Bloks form.

Microsoft and 343 Industries revealed the Raid on Apex 7 level at Comic-Con International in San Diego today, saying it's the largest map yet for the already huge 12v12vNPCs multiplayer mode. And it showed the whole thing off with a 89,500-brick Mega Bloks scale model of the stage, as GameSpot reports.

It's kind of like that huge battle diorama built for the Halo 3 "Believe" campaign, but with colorful plastic bricks instead of little screaming marines. The model is a cool (if terribly impractical) way to get a feel for Raid on Apex 7's layout and potential tactics, including a huge Forerunner Spire at the center of the island, beaches patrolled by Covenant forces, and a cave network perfect for infiltrating otherwise defensible areas.

Half-ton Mega Bloks model aside, 343 still had my interest as soon as it put "Silent Cartographer" and "huge, hectic multiplayer" together. Make sure to read our E3 2015 Halo 5 preview for more impressions of Warzone mode in action.

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