Get a real-life Needler in Halo 5: Guardians' Pink Mist Limited Edition

The Needler is one of the more divisive weapons in the Halo arsenal, but whatever it lacks in firepower, it makes up for in uniqueness. With that in mind, the Needler replica included in Halo 5: Guardians' Pink Mist edition is at least as useful as its in-game counterpart.

It has LED lights, sound effects pulled straight from the game, and - best of all - its little pink crystal thingies individually drop down and pop up in time with your trigger pulls. The full-scale model is about 29 inches across and 10 inches tall, and as such can be used as a pointy club in emergency situations... though that may void the warranty.

The Needler is the only difference between the £449.99 (about $700) Pink Mist Edition and the £199.99 ($249.99) Limited Collector's Edition, complete with all its standard contents: a splittable Master Chief/Spartan Locke statue, Metal Earth Guardian Model, SteelBook case, game download code (so you can, uh, store the code slip in the SteelBook), and lore-rich dossiers about Locke's secretive mission.

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