Gunpey - hands-on

For slightly obvious reasons, both versions of Gunpey will sport their own unique presentation to appeal to different audiences. The PSP game takes a page from the Lumines book by broadcasting high-energy tunes and out-there visuals as you play. One look at the screens and you can see the image is meant to bring over fans of the PSP launch title - you can even slap on unlocked skins and music to make the experience as personal as you like.

The PSP Gunpey one-ups the DS version by offering two masters-only modes. In one, you're managing ten columns of lines instead of the usual five, and in the other you bounce back and forth between two different puzzles in an attempt to clear them both. One sits tucked away in the background until you flip it forward, ready to attack those naughty lines. Just grab some headphones and melt into the beat.

Right now it looks like both versions of Gunpey have something unique to offer in the way of visual style - that's likely to be the only thing that'll sway you one way or the other when the game ships in November.