Guitar Hero World Tour revealed!

Hot on the heels of Konami’s Rock Revolution reveal last week, we have the first video and screenshots for Guitar Hero: World Tour. Guitar Hero: World Tour is being developed for Activision by Neversoft, the crew most famous for the Tony Hawk games and Guitar Hero III. World Tour will be the third game on the market to feature singer, guitar, bass and drums- apparently music is the new FPS.

Guitars and mics are standard fare- it’s the drum kit that deserves the most scrutiny, as it is the main way to tell the three games apart (visually, at least). Guitar Hero: World Tour’s kit has three heads, two cymbal pads, and a kick, putting it snugly between Rock Band and Rock Revolution in terms of complexity. Guitar Hero: World Tour's sticks it to Rock Band with a Music Studio, where original tracks can be recorded, edited and shared. This is a feature Rock Revolution is touting as well - could a plug-in for Rock Band be far behind? 8-player online Battle of the Bands mode and an online Band Career mode will also fill in gaps where Rock Band fell short. The Wii version will support downloadable content (a first for Guitar Hero titles), though storage details have not been released. So check out the new vid and hit the Screens button above for all the new goodies.

May 22, 2008