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Guild Wars Nightfall - impressions

The other big change is the introduction of another two character classes in the form of the Dervish and the Paragon. The latter's a kind of ranger/warrior hybrid, armed with a spear, as well as assorted leadership abilities, who gives buffs to the rest of the party.

The Dervish is a melee specialist whose over-enthusiastic scythe attacks means they damage anyone in their immediate vicinity. Also, when they gain the appropriate Elite skills, they gain the ability to channel the power of a god and become a walking Avatar for the deity in question. Which is pretty messy for the opposition.

They're also trying to play up the interactive elements, which differentiate Guild Wars from almost all other online RPGs. For example, in the dungeon we saw in the demo, there were plentyof actual traps as well as puzzles. Best of all, we only have to wait until Friday to find out whether Nightfall manages to maintain Guild Wars' run of quality.