GTA: San Andreas - more new shots

The bell rings, food arrives. The phone rings, San Andreas shots arrive. Yep, it's a fine line between life as one of Pavlov's pups and the pet of the Rockstar press office but it's not a bad existence as we've managed to get our paws on two revealing new shots of the brand new GTA.

In today's dripping instalment of this divine water torture, the latest leaks reveal yet more of the countryside, complete with impressively rocky scenery and a highly stealable looking plane.

As for the second screen, well that shows a little slice of Las Venturas life with CJ all dressed up as a high roller and engaging in another one of the many new mini-games. On the table you might like to guide a beady eye to the unfolding game of blackjack and notice that CJ has just won another hand. If only he'd remembered to place a bet.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will burst on to PS2 on 29 October and PC in mid-2005