GTA IV: 16 players online?

Oct 16, 2007

It's been a while since we've had a bit of (supposed) GTA IV leakage, but now US site GamerNode has piped up with new details apparently originating at a PlayStation event in Toronto.

The PlayStation Holiday Preview Event (as they're calling it) apparently had Rockstar drop a few more GTA details while showcasing Manhunt 2 to Canadian punters.

Supposedly Rockstar is aiming for support for up to 16 players in the fourth instalment's online multiplayer mode, which should excite anyone who's played the excellent wi-fi deathmatch in any of the PSP versions.

Supposedly the developer has also been busy testing various plots and even considered having the entire game world unlocked from the beginning. But that goes against the series' tradition of having you unlock districts through story progression.

Rockstar wasn't able to comment on the info when we picked up the phone, but we reckon it's probably safe to assume there'll be an ample number of players supported in GTA IV anyway.

Courtesy of CVG