God Hand

Super moves are available in the form of the Roulette Meter, which can be charged up by finding special cards, and then used at any time during play - just hit a button and the list pops up. The catch here is that the Roulette moves are almost as likely to hurt you as they are to help, though either way they are plenty amusing. Some of the moves we saw were the aptly named Ball Buster, which turned a vulnerable enemy's face blue; La Bamba, which smashed an enemy to the ground; and Failure, which dropped a large frying pan on Gene's head.

The ultimate power-up is the aptly named God Hand, which dramatically increases the strength of all your attacks. You charge the God Hand by finding a porno mag (complete with an appropriate "oooh" sound effect) and use it by tapping a button. Because it's time-based, you'll want to reserve it for the most dire of circumstances.

Humor is one of the hardest genres to do well, and at this early stage, God Hand could easily go either way. But to dismiss it as fluff would be premature, as Mikami has a track record of excellence. If the team can strike the right balance of camp and action, God Hand might just be a surprise hit this fall.