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The key art for Pokemon Legends Arceus
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Pokemon trainers new and old are about to get an experience like no other with the launch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which drops exclusively for Nintendo Switch on January 28. We're all heading back in time to the earliest point in Pokemon history we've been so far, with the aim of exploring the Hisui region and putting together the very first Pokedex ever for the locale. Think research, observation, taking notes, learning, and battling and you've got it nailed when it comes to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. 

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It won't be long until you'll be taking up your position within the Galaxy Expedition Team as part of the Survey Corps. You'll be heading out from the region's only settlement, Jubilife Village, to study the Pokemon found in Hisui. You'll traverse all kinds of terrain, from snowy mountains to lush meadows, all of which lie around the volcanic Mt. Coronet that sits at the centre of Hisui. Each locale will have its own unique Pokemon to discover too, with certain critters only appearing under very specific conditions. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

However, because this is an unknown land, the Pokemon here won't all be friendly towards humans. Some will even be aggressive towards you, especially Alpha Pokemon who will attack on sight. Thankfully though, you'll be able to choose one of three Starter Pokemon to take with you from the outset, which long-term trainers will no doubt recognise from previous Pokemon games: Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott. 

You'll also have other companions, including special Pokemon that will help you traverse the wilderness, including the new fish Pokemon, Basculegion, which you can actually ride to explore the oceans and waters of Hisui. Plus, alongside some fresh and familiar faces there are also unique Hisuian variants of classic Pokemon, such as the adorable Hisuian Growlithe and wooden Hisuian Voltorb. 

The more you explore and experience, the more you'll get to see in Hisui. So if you're ready to join the Survey Corps, pre-order now at Currys, and don't forget to use the code ARCEUS15 at checkout for 15% off.