George Harrison quits Nintendo

Sept 14, 2007

George Harrison, Nintendo's senior VP of marketing and corporate communication, has confirmed that he will be leaving the company this December.

Following months of speculation about his position, Harrison broke the news to Reuters, telling the news agency that he will be leaving before the end of 2007 following fifteen years at Nintendo.

"I have confirmed to all employees that I will be leaving at the end of December and not making the move to California," Harrison said.

While not elaborating on why he plans to relinquish his post, it is thought that Nintendo's decision to move its sales and marketing team from Redmond, Washington to San Francisco and New York played a key role in Harrison's reasoning.

Harrison will leave Nintendo on a high. The firm's Wii system has become the best selling next-generation home console, while its DS console is also the dominant handheld on the market.

Harrison did not say what he will do after he leaves Nintendo.

Courtesy of Next Gen