Genshin Impact players dunk on unbelievably stingy GeForce giveaway

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact has partnered up with GeForce to give out some free materials through the graphics company's rewards program, but the pickings are so slim that many players can't be bothered claiming them. 

As the official Nvidia GeForce Twitter so proudly declared in a recent tweet, you can log in with your Nvidia account to get a redemption code worth 20,000 Mora, four Mystic Enhancement Ores, and two Hero's Wit.

To put this in perspective, completing a Mora Leyline at the highest world level – which doesn't take that long to reach – nets you 60,000 Mora for 20 Resin. You passively receive 180 Resin a day, so you can get up to 540,000 Mora daily if you spend all your Resin on Leylines. The Mora component of this giveaway alone is therefore worth roughly 4% of what many players can earn in a single day, and that's without accounting for the free Mora given out through daily and weekly objectives. 

The other resources look even worse when you math things out. It takes around 600 Mystic Enhancement Ores to fully level one four-star weapon, and around 900 for a five-star. It also takes nearly 250 Hero's Wit to bring one character to the unofficial soft cap of level 80, and a total of 420 to bring them to the max level of 90. Suffice it to say, this giveaway won't give you much of a progression boost, and you'll be shocked to hear that players weren't impressed with it.

amazing_collaboration_wow_the_rewards_they_are from r/Genshin_Impact

Genshin Impact fans and gacha players in general are no stranger to miserly giveaways, but at least Genshin's web events come with some Primogems you can use to Wish for new characters. Hell, even the famously cheap login calendar, which regularly gives out worthless in-game food or weaker versions of the materials in this GeForce giveaway, has some Primos on it. But this is some bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, here. At least we're due for an update reveal stream which will assuredly come with some limited-time redemption codes worth 300 Primogems.

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