Genshin Impact daily Resin pass spotted on Chinese PlayStation Store for roughly $5 a month

Genshin Impact update 1.2
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Update: The Genshin Impact daily Resin pass has now been pulled from the Chinese PlayStation Store. You can view the pass as it originally appeared via the screenshot below. We've reached out to MiHoYo for more information and will update our reporting if we hear back. 

Original story:

A Genshin Impact daily Resin pass has been spotted on the Chinese PlayStation Store, and if the listing is accurate, this pass will let players pay a monthly fee in exchange for additional Original Resin each day. 

Genshin sleuth AE Entropy highlighted the daily Resin pass on Twitter, and it's still viewable on the Chinese storefront. Developer MiHoYo has not officially announced the pass, nor can it be found on the US or UK stores. 

The roughly translated pricing and product description for the pass indicate that for around $5 a month ($4.63 converted from 30 Chinese Yuan), players will receive 60 Original Resin as a one-time bonus and 40 Original Resin per day for 30 days. This would position the pass as a Resin counterpart to the $5 Blessing of the Welkin Moon pass, which gives players 90 Primogems a day for 30 days. 

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It's worth noting that Genshin Impact technically already sells Original Resin via Primogem refills. Each day, players can trade Primogems for 60 additional Resin up to six times. The first refill costs 50 Primogems but the cost increases with subsequent refills. The maximum six daily refills costs 800 Primogems, which is about $10 worth of the premium Crystals that can be converted to Primogems. 

If we use the initial Resin refill as a reference and assume that 60 Resin is worth 50 Primogems, then the 1,260 monthly Resin that this daily pass allegedly gets you would be worth about 21 refreshes. At 50 Primogems a refresh, that's 1,050 Primogems worth of Resin. For comparison, the Welkin pass gets you 2,700 Primogems a month plus 300 Crystals immediately, which is nearly triple the value in terms of pure Primogems. However, treating 80 Primogems as $1 (based on the cheapest Crystal top-up in the shop), the daily Resin pass does deliver roughly $13 in value overall. 

There's some imperfect napkin math there, but the point is that for $5 a month you can basically loot one extra world boss or two extra domains a day. You can argue for or against the value of this daily Resin pass depending on your viewpoint and play style, but with the Genshin Impact community already asking for additional Resin bonuses to offset the slow recharge rate, it's easy to imagine that this sort of pass may not be received particularly well by some players unless it's accompanied by other Resin changes.  

With all of that said, it's important to remember that this daily Resin pass hasn't been officially announced, so even if it is planned for the game, all details are subject to change. We've reached out to MiHoYo for more information and will update our reporting if we hear back. 

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