Gaming's dirtiest words

Nope, not swearwords. We're talking the verbs, nouns and adjectives that strike an irksome chord with every gamer. Companies with notorious histories, cultural watch-words, error messages shared by a generation. These are gaming's dirtiest words...

Widely-used but regularly misunderstood term referring to a category of display resolutions. Now most often employed as a ruse by shifty electronics salesmen in order to flog this week's latest stock of flat screen TVs to uninformed saps with more money than sense.

"It's got to be 1080p, Mr Jones, just got to be. Think how upset your children will be when they hear daddy can't give them the Full HDTV Experience(C)(TM)(R)!"

3rd Party Peripheral
Disparaging expression intended to imply lack of quality, reliability, visual attractiveness, relevance, usefulness or any combination of the above. [Alternatively: Pay As You Go, Emerging Market, Stocking Filler]

"That Wii Zapper thing has a hint of the 3rd Party Peripheral to it, don't you think?"

Traditional missile in any PAL vs NTSC forum argument, 60Hz (the standard refresh rate for US NTSC TV sets) has long been seen as the Holy Grail of televisual refresh rates by tech geeks, the majority of whom have now been seduced by the more flexible charms of the HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray format war.

"Ah, but does it have a 60Hz option? No? Pah! 2/10!"

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