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Gaming slogans throughout the ages

So here's a shout-out to the best - and worst - gaming slogans ever. How many do you remember?


Ah, the old Codies logo and slogan from the 1980s. The fun did indeed start there. But it's a pretty tame slogan so there was undeniably room for improvement...

This next one was an in-joke and used to play at the start of Codies' games in the early 1990s. You see, back in the days of the ZX Spectrum, Codies' games used to feature quotes on their boxes saying how great the games were. But then everyone found out that they weren't press quotes, but instead were the words of the company's founders. Oops. But still, most of them were 'absolutely brilliant'.Maybe notFruit Machine Simulator, though.

After that, we had 'Genius at play' which is kinda clever. They're probably talking about themselves, but we like to think they're calling us geniuses. Geni-i? Jeany... eye. That'll do.


Sega have had some controversial slogans ("Genesis does what Nintendon't" is particularly well-documented). But how about these?

Like there are going to be 6 billion Dreamcasts (or at least 1.5 billion each with 4 controllers plugged in), as well as babies, the elderly and indigenous tribes all playing Dreamcast. It would have been awesome, but seriously? Of course, it was supposed to advertise the console's brand spanking new online gaming potential. Mind you,there have been bolder claims...

It's thinking. It's not, though, is it? And if it was thinking anything, it would be 'that's a stupid slogan'.

If you're going to have a good slogan, best to have one that no-one else can use. Reversing the name of your own company was a good idea that Sega had already used very successfully. Nintendo couldn't do that. "Oh yeah, well to be THIS good takes Odnetnin, losers!"


But Amiga famously used Sega's best slogan against them. You gotta admire the tenacity to advertise like this right outside Sega HQ:

Above: Amiga CD-32's advertisement. Must've been fun at Sega that day

That was 1993 and it took Sega one year to get the Saturn out of the door. Not that long, then. Amiga's parent company Commodorefiled for bankruptcy in 1994 and that was pretty much that. But remember...


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