Palworld devs are "still discussing" bringing the hit survival game to platforms like PlayStation, but a Nintendo Switch release looks unlikely due to "technical reasons"

Palworld screenshot showing a green dinosaur-like creature with a red mushroom cap atop its head sitting in a wooden hot tub
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Ahead of Palworld's massive Sakurajima update, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe reveals that the smash survival hit could make its way to other consoles like the PlayStation - but it likely won't ever launch on the Nintendo Switch.

Palworld is currently available on just two platforms - PC and the Xbox. As the game barrels toward the release of its biggest update yet, prospective players have been wondering whether Pocketpair's survival gem will ever be available on other platforms. Following a cryptic post seemingly hinting at a PlayStation port from the game's global community manager himself, questions regarding Palworld's arrival on more consoles have burned hotter than ever before.

Speaking in an interview with Game File, studio lead Takuro Mizobe explains that developers are "still discussing" the game's possible release on new platforms in the future. While he provides no confirmation that Palworld is indeed coming to PlayStation just yet, Mizobe touches on the Switch instead and why the early access title probably isn't ever dropping on Nintendo's handheld console. Unfortunately, it looks as though its hardware simply isn't strong enough to support the game.

As Mizobe notes, Palworld's minimum system requirements on the PC are higher than what the specs boasted by the Switch are. The dev describes how this discrepancy makes it "hard to port to Switch just for technical reasons." While it's disappointing to learn that Palworld likely won't come to Nintendo's portable console, the game is officially marked as playable on the Steam Deck right now meaning that it's thankfully already available on the go.

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