GAME takes it back

Friday 16 June 2006
GAME, the UK's biggest specialist games retailer, is set to abandon its '10 day no quibble' returns policy, according to industry magazine MCV.

GAME's '10 Day Returns' policy currently allows gamers to return a purchased game within that time for a full refund, even if the game packaging has been opened. It really was too good to be true - many a forum-going UK gamer has admitted to using it as a glorified rental service over the past few years.

Which would explain why GAME is currently testing a new 28-day-long scheme, whereby it places its own seal on each game box, and refunds and exchanges will be refused if the seal is broken. Remember, though, if you've broken the seal and the game is faulty, then your Statutory Rights still apply and you have the right to return it (also within 28 days) and get your money back.

How do GAME's prospective plans affect you, if at all? Have something to say on the issue? Then pop on over to our forum. There's already a thread in effect, and folks are having their say on the matter:

"About time. I never have liked the policy. The number of times I got a game from there, only to realise I'd just paid full price for a game that had clearly been returned by somebody else," says Infected Chicken.

"I'm not really surprised it's ending. I've never used it much myself anyway..." adds SchminkyPinky.