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Game music of the day: X-Men Arcade

Game: X-Men Arcade

Song: Level 2

Composer: Fukami, Takenouchi, Nakano and Hashimoto

Above: Level 2 from X-Men Arcade

Yesterday a small childhood fantasy finally came true - a home conversion of the classic X-Men arcade game that dominated pizza parlors and bowling alleys from coast to coast. I played through it immediately (and then grabbed other GR editors to discuss it in anupcoming FAP) and found that not only did I still enjoy it, but the music was mind-blowingly fun. Never noticed that in the arcade... maybe I couldn't hear it over all the drunken fathers yelling at their kids.

As you can tell by the description, this song plays over the second stage. Grab some headphones, cuz you really need to soak in all the hyperactive nuances of this stuff - the constant rapping of "X-Men" (x-x-x-x-x-x-x-men!), the electric piano tune, the synth-heavy voices, the record scratching... so much going on! All while you bash the shit out of exploding robots! What else do you want?!

Above: The intro song is permanently burned into my brain after years of staring at the screen, praying for quarters to fall from the sky

We'll talk more about the game tomorrow, and I'm going to try my damndest to get a review soon as well, but until then I think it's totally worth the $10 asking price, especially if you've got fond memories or a group of friends willing to beat the crap out of a million bad guys over XBLA or PSN.

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