Game music of the day: Wizards & Warriors

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June 3, 2010

Game: Wizards & Warriors

Song: Title Screen

Composer: David Wise

Above: Title Screen from Wizards & Warriors

As Game Music of the Day rolls on, we inevitably have to touch on certain soundtracks that are obvious choices. Wizards & Warriors may be a defunct franchise today, but any NES player of the '80s remembers this game, partially because of the enchanting title screen song. So yeah, it's a well-tread track for game music nerds, but if you've never listened, now's your chance to be a part of the conversation.

When the game first appeared in 1987, we were still used to simple (but catchy) tunes in games at best, and obnoxious noise at worst. David Wise, on the other hand, knocked another soundtrack out of the park with this one song that suggests, from the moment you turn on the game, that knights, wizards, goblins and who knows what else are about to collide in a battle so epic it's destined for aFrazetta painting. A true treat for those looking for more than beeps and boops.

Above is the flat-out amazing remix fromOverClocked ReMixuser Bazooie. It's like Daft Punk making sweet love to a ghost cosplaying as a wizard. I love it so much.

For those keeping track, yes this is ANOTHER song from David Wise in a relatively short amount of time. Can't help that his work is so good I wake up beaming with energy, eager to share it with everyone else.

Golgo 13 theme by Seriinu

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The Bill Haley-inspired theme by David Wise

Terra's theme/Opening credit roll by Uematsu

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