Game music of the day: Streets of Rage 2

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April 19, 2010

Game: Streets of Rage 2
Song: Go Straight
Composer: Yuzo Koshiro

Above: Go Straight by Yuzo Koshiro

Streets of Rage 2’s revolutionary 1992 soundtrack was ahead of its time (is intentional tautology still funny?) It’s an amazing blend of swaggering house synths, dirty eletro-funk and trancey electronic textures that would feel as comfortable in a nightclub as a video game. Heard outside the context of a game console, these tracks are more likely to make you want to dance than fight. It’s so good, we’ve got to break you off another cut or two. It’s boom time!

Above: Spin on the Bridge by Yuzo Koshiro

Above: Expander by Yuzo Koshiro

Yuzo Koshiro is among the most renowned composers in VGM history, having written the music for Revenge of Shinobi, ActRaiser and ActRaiser 2, Ys I and II, and the Streets of Rage series. Lately, he’s spent a good bit of time composing and arranging for various VGM concerts around the world. Don’t be surprised if you hear more from this sonic genius in later Game Musics of the Day.