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Game music of the day: Kirby's Dream Land

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June 21, 2010

Game: Kirby's Dream Land

Song: Credits

Composer: Jun Ishikawa

Above: Credits from Kirby's Dream Land

It's the first Game Music of the Day since E3 2010 closed its doors, and to further celebrate the announcement ofKirby's Epic Yarnwe're heading way back to the pink puff's very first adventure - before he was even pink, actually.

After breezing through five fairly simple levels and stomping King DeDeDe (whose music is also deserving of a special shoutout) you're treated to this standard-sounding but no less uplifting credits music. In all honesty, the version you're listening to is from the SNES Kirby Super Star, which borrows most of the Game Boy game's music for the Spring Breeze area.

Above: Here's the Game Boy original

The music in Kirby's Dreamland was always quite chipper, so it's no surprise the ending follows suit. But there's more to it than that - the ending itself, with Kirby inflated to blimp size, carrying all the food back to Dream Land against a setting sun, helps complete the experience.

Oh fine, here's the damn DeDeDe music. I think it became so memorable because it's the only song in the original Kirby that had a sense of challenge or conflict instead of skipping through a field of floating cakes.

Main title by Alex Brandon

Victory Lap by Kenta Nagata

Go Straight by Yuzo Koshiro