Game music of the day: Donkey Kong Country

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May 7, 2010

Game: Donkey Kong Country

Song: Aquatic Ambiance

Composer: David Wise

Above: Aquatic Ambiance from Donkey Kong Country

First introduced in the Coral Capers level of Donkey Kong Country, Aquatic Ambiance is a fittingly impressive track for thebest water level of all time (opens in new tab). This is soft music done right. Soothing and smooth without being the least bit boring, Ambiance perfectly complements the flowy serenity of DKC's underwater levels. In the video below,Ken Lobbeven explains that the first DKC water level is meant as a easygoing reward for players after they've braved a difficult level (Reptile Rumble isn't that tricky, but OK), so Aquatic Ambiance was specifically crafted to be relaxing and mellow.

Above:Ken Lobbtries to explain how good the DKC soundtrack is whileinterviewer dude spazzes out

While Aquatic Ambiance has beenremixed (opens in new tab)many times, still nothing compares to the original mix.How can you improve upon thosebloopy bubble sounds and tinkly keyboardnotes that strike just the right balance? Donkey Kong Country is known for its standout soundtrack, and Aquatic Ambiance is the standoutwithin its many stellar tunes.

Above:The understated elegance of its melody lends itself to thepiano too

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