Game music of the day: Disgaea 3 and the elegant art of grinding

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April 30, 2010

Disgaea games aren’t for the faint of heart – and Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice is no exception. The turn-based JRPG title makes no apologies for the ridiculous amount of leveling-up and character management it requires. In fact, it often rubs your face in it with in-game jokes about repetitive boss battles and the number of hours the main character spent playing RPGs on his game console.

But that’s okay, because even though everyone says that they hate “the grind” in RPGs and MMOs, when it’s done right, nothing’s better. Disgaea 3 is one of the few games out there that really got the grind right, thanks in no small part to its kickass music. Its booming soundtrack is just as boisterous as the game’s quirky characters and just as epic as its lengthy boss fights, which is a good thing because if you’re spending hours on end managing your party’s equipment and skills, the last thing you want is boring music blaring in the background.

Above: Extreme Outlaw is the most mesmerizing menu music in the history of JRPGs. Give it a listen and let the lilting “la, la, las” melt your ears

That’s why we’re showing some love today for Extreme Outlaw, the most addictive track in the history of all Disgaea games. It plays when you’re in the game’s hub world, where you can buy items and equipment, learn new skills, and mingle with NPCs. That’s right, this track is essentially menu music – and even though scrolling through text at various shops doesn’t sound like fun, anyone who’s ever played a Disgaea game will tell you that managing your party is one of the most enjoyable and addictive aspects of the game. Let’s all shut up and listen…

Apr 30, 2010

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