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Gallop Racer 2006 review

Tecmo's latest niche-racer makes for one very confusing day at the races


  • Extensively detailed simulation
  • Tons of horses to choose and breed
  • The music's pretty good


  • Obtuse menus
  • unexplained stats
  • This game is in dire need of tutorials
  • Only for the hardest of the hardcore

The basics of racing a car are simple enough: hit the gas and go. But racing horses? Far more complex than any machine. Handling a horse demands skill, finesse and even intimate knowledge of its personality quirks. This and many other previously unconsidered realties become apparent upon sampling Gallop Racer 2006, the latest in Tecmo's long-running series of horse-racing simulations. Gallop Racer's attention to detail is meticulous, so much so that it becomes difficult for an outsider to crack its shell and find the enjoyment that (you'd hope) lies inside.

The confusion begins when trying to figure out the basics of its main "career" mode, Theme Park. Choosing a horse and a series of races to run involves wading through multiple confusing screens filled with mysterious, unexplained statistical readouts that are only partially deciphered in the game's 50-page instruction manual. It's an overwhelming start, and you'll probably want to stop there. (Breeding new horses, at least, is fairly straightforward, and eliminates the enforced waiting periods from previous installments.)

Once you actually stumble into a race, the second big learning curve begins. As a jockey, you don't so much control your horse as keep it comfortable, in good spirits and in the general position you want it to maintain. Do this consistently and you might just win. Different horses have vastly different preferences; some may like to hang in the back of the pack until a final sprint, while others need to be up front the entire race. The only way to influence your ride is by pulling the reins to suggest a speed burst or by smacking it with your whip to supply a little extra motivation. Unfortunately, there's no tutorial to help get you up to speed on these unusual gameplay mechanics. Be prepared to spend a lot of your time early on staring at competing equine's asses, wondering why your mount can't or won'tmove his own more quickly.

There isn't much to discover beyond the Theme Park mode; a "free" mode lets you run single, random races while "simulation" mode lets you create custom horses, cups and so on. Clearly, these are secondary attractions, much like the rough, 2001-era graphics. On the other hand, the eclectic, easy-going soundtrack is actually pretty enjoyable, unless you only likedeath metal.

More Info

DescriptionGallop Racer 2006 is overwhelmingly confusing and surprisingly difficult: it's a nasty combo. If you're looking for a horse raising and racing sim, though, have at it.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date2 May 2006 (US), 2 May 2006 (UK)