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Full Spectrum Warrior

There is no fire button. Not in the same way that 'there is no spoon' in The Matrix, but in this team battle you can't push the trigger and unload hot lead into your foe's faces - you just give the order. But don't be put off, because Full Spectrum Warrior is an RTS that's smarter than a barrelful of monkeys wearing mortar boards and spotted bow ties.

While other squad shooters let you charge around blasting baddies and barking out commands to a bunch of dumb grunts, this is more like playing Cannon Fodder or Command and Conquer but instead of hovering above the action you dish out your orders from the middle of the firefight.

Through a clever command system your two groups of grunts can be sent through the city, finding cover behind burnt out cars, protecting each other and laying down fire while your other team scoot around the back to slaughter the enemy. It's tactical, thoughtful and realistic, but it's also fun. Why? Because the soldiers are smart enough to look after themselves, provide covering fire and spot enemies even when you don't. Which leaves you free to concentrate on finding the best way to fight.

Already looking good and featuring superbly authentic sounds, FSW just needs some cleaning up before it's ready for it hits the streets.

Full Specturm Warrior is scheduled for release in June