Formula One shots pit in

Friday 22 September 2006
PlayStation 3's Formula One doesn't so much emphasise realism, it's obsessed by it. And not just visually, either. This trio of new images look amazing, but it's the gameplay touches that invoke the real Formula One atmosphere, from the fully licensed teams - including Super Aguri and Midland F1 Racing - and tracks to the newly introduced rules for the 2006 season, and a 'parade' lap at the start of each race to warm up your tyres, just like real-world F1 meetings.

Hit the images tab above to see all the screens. They're taken straight from a replay, so what you see is what you'll get when Formula One lines up for launch day, which we reckon will match up with the UK's PlayStation 3 release in March next year.

Above: The damage system has been given the full next-gen treatment, so expect to see your car crumple dramatically in collisions

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