Formula One Championship Edition review

Or is that "Sunday Driving Edition?"

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  • +

    Lots of realistic depth

  • +

    Feels real. We imagine

  • +

    Everything a true fan would want


  • -

    Lacks real thrills and spills

  • -

    Michael Schumacher's in it

  • -

    Practicing exactly where to brake

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Apparently, Formula One Championship Edition is the closest you’ll get to the real thing without being speared through the guts by the nose of a 200mph Ferrari. Formula One, you see, has been dying at an inversely proportional rate to the success of one Michael Schumacher - the more he won, the more people got bored and stopped watching.

So in order to make Championship Edition more exciting than watching the Antiques Roadshow on valium, you’ll want to head straight over to the options section and switch off every last one of the driving aids. Right from the start, no messing around. Alright, maybe you could leave the virtual racing line on to get a feel for the circuits and their respective braking points, although the game looks sharp enough that you can easily see tire marks tracing the racing line. Assisted steering, traction control, anti-spin, anti-lock braking - it all needs to go.

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DescriptionSony's high performance F1 racing sim now powered by next-gen fuel.
US censor rating"Rating Pending"
UK censor rating""

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