Forget strikes and raids - try Destiny as a 2D platformer in honor of Bungie Day

Destiny has always had something of an identity crisis. Is it an MMO? An RPG? Is it open-world? While the game has certain elements of those things, the only thing anyone seemed to really know what to call it was a first-person shooter. Until now that someone's gone and made it into a 2D, sidescrolling, shoot-em-up platformer, that is.

Reddit user Helix3333 has been working on "Project Tiger" in their spare time ever since they saw fan art imagining Destiny as a 2D game several months ago. They finally shared their creation this week in honor of Bungie Day (an annual celebration when the company honors its community), and I gotta say, it ain't bad. I mean, I can't aim and I died a lot, but that's generally true of my Destiny experience regardless.

If you want to check out Project Tiger for yourself, Helix has set up several download mirrors which you can check out via their original post. Or, if you just want to watch and not touch, YouTube user Brenton Whitwell has captured some gameplay for you: 

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Sam Prell

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