Flight sim futures

Above: Harrier Jump Jet from Jet Thunder

Dev/Pub: Thunder Works
This Brazilian/Argentinean collaboration will feature an historical treatment of the 1982 Falklands war complete with Harrier jump jets and Exocet-laden Super Etendard strike fighters. The dev team have extended the sim’s release deadline numerous times, but most fans are hopeful the recently out-of-beta project will find a motivated distribution partner soon. Fans can also expect a playable demo before the end of 2008.

Above: Classic biplane fighters from Rise of Flight

Dev/Pub: Neoqb
Canvas biplane enthusiasts haven’t seen a worthwhile WWI fighter-plane game since the glory days of Red Baron, so this sharp-looking Russian import could fill a Sopwith Camel–sized void. Featuring numerous detailed aircraft models and over 125,000 square kilometers of navigable 3D terrain, the game may even be in stores by the time you read this.

December 5, 2008