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Flash game freebie: Blast RPG

Finding new ways to inject action and excitement into a tired old RPG formula can be a major challenge, but what better way to spice things up than by violently shooting the hero out from a giant freaking cannon at his monstrous adversaries with his mighty sword drawn? It turns out that making your armored warrior fly through the air as far as humanly possible while carving up as many monsters ashe can along the way quickly is one of the most addictive ways to level grind imaginable.

Blast RPG has you launching a small sword-wielding knight through colorfully pixelated levels with the dual goals of kicking some monster ass and breaking shot distance records. Aiming the cannon at different angles and selecting the launch power, you’ll let loose your heroic ammo through the skies. The little guy bounces along as he flies and picks up a procession of enemies whenever he touches one. Doing battle in mid-air earns you experience, and defeating each monster gives you a little extra airborne oomph to keep your momentum going. However, your shot doesn’t count if you get killed along the way, so knowing when to curb your flight is as important as how well you’ve stocked up on equipment ahead of time.

Conquering each of the game’s six stages requires you fly a certain minimum distance, though there’s a lot of fun to simply re-playing stages to power up your hero. Monsters get tougher as you go, and you’ll need extra strength to make it through the harder stages. Leveling-up lets you boost stats that help you soar longer distances, do more damage in battle, and survive longer. Also, gold you pick up can be spent on special weapons (there’s a rock-paper-scissors style elemental flow to weapons and monster types) or items to help you in your skyward quest. Blast RPG is a silly little game that’s nonetheless tough to put down once you dig into it.

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Apr 20, 2010