First Mass Effect 3 multiplayer screens hit the web

After months of rumors, BioWare confirmed that Mass Effect 3 would have online multiplayer, which caused some very strong fan reactions, both negative and positive (more negative). BioWare later released some info about its co-op nature, how it can be enjoyed totally separate from the single player campaign, and that it was made by BioWare Montreal, while BioWare’s main team created the solo campaign. But until today we had no visual to go with the mode, as some arm of the vast EA PR machine released the first two screens of the mode in action.

Above: BioWare released a video explaining the mode with other new screens included (no multiplayer gameplay footage though)

Both images show off the modes new ability to play as non-humans for the first time in the Mass Effect series, showing Turians, Salarians and Krogans as player characters. The mode, called Galaxy At War, certainly looks like the close-knit group combat we heard about with explosions and lasers aplenty. But with such a heavy focus on action in these early screens, we wonder just how any of Mass Effect’s trademark storytelling brilliance will be incorporated. Hopefully some gameplay footage will surface soon so we can see just how it plays.

Oct 12, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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